Do you know what is hacking?

First of all I want to start with a simple sentence. Most of the people after hearing the word “Hacking or Hacker” think that it is very bad and who are related to this word are bad people. But the universal truth is that “Hackers are the boss of digital technology” when it is related to the ultimate destination 0 and 1. Here 0 and 1 means the digital signal only which can be recognised in a computer system. Except this two numbers or digital signal status, computer is unable to recognise any other voice or words or anything. Now come to the point, Sometimes Hacking is the technique to break the security system and sometimes it is the process to find out the faults of a system that may be any networking system or software system or hardware system based on computer technology. So it is mainly the practice of modifying the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose. Computer hacking is the most popular form of hacking nowadays, especially in the field of computer security, but hacking exists in many other forms, such as phone hacking, brain hacking, etc.